The Cleaning Routine of a Domestic Cleaning Service

Here is the standard cleaning service for my clients; but start every visit by asking them if there is anything in particular that they want to have done this visit and do that first. If you’re looking to get rid of your rubbish, garbage or junk in the quickest amount of time office rubbish removal Sydney is the answer

The first visit to a new client is usually the worst. You have to learn which marks will come off and which ones won’t and you’ll spend time scrubbing things that are never going to come clean. But by the second visit you’ll know what’s what. Also, the first time you go there things are usually grubby and need a good wipe and scrub, but if you go there every 1-2 weeks things stay fairly clean from one visit to the next.

Start by emptying the bins in all the rooms and then start on the bathrooms. In the bathroom, vacuum before you start, because once you start cleaning, the floor gets wet. Clean the sinks and taps with a mildly abrasive cream (I use Gumption), a toothbrush should be used to get into all the cracks every time you clean them. Scrub the shower thoroughly using your preferred cleaning product. Personally I’m a big fan of ‘Shower Power’ as it makes the shower sparkle and leaves no streaks on the glass, and it smells great. I spray it on the shower walls and leave it to soak while I clean the sink, toilet and bath. Use your trusty toothbrush (one of the most useful tools in my cleaning kit) to clean in the corners of the shower and to clean the grout. Sometimes it is necessary to use bleach on the grout. When cleaning the toilet, clean all of it, even the outside of the bowl and the pipes. Wipe all windowsills and ledges. Clean the mirrors with a glass cleaner. When everything is done in the bathroom, mop the floor.

Next should be the kitchen. Start by wiping down the kitchen cabinets, fridge, benches, check inside the microwave to see if it needs to be wiped out, wipe the top of the stove. Ovens are only cleaned once in a while, and they take a bit of time. If your client wants the oven cleaned then that should be done first, as it is messy and time consuming. Use the product of your choice to clean the oven. Don’t let other people tell you what to use as many products are so strong, they almost stop your breathing. Use whatever you feel comfortable with. Sometimes it is worth using a little extra elbow grease if it means you can use a product that won’t kill you. When all kitchen surfaces are clean, scrub the sink and taps using a mild abrasive and toothbrush.

Then it’s time to do the dusting. Feather dusters are marvelous as they can get in and dust things without taking everything off the shelves. But they are only good to a point, if a shelf is too dusty everything needs to be taken off and given a good wipe. Of course, you won’t have time to take everything off all the shelves, all the time, so they should be done once a month or so. Do a couple of shelves each visit (depending on how much time you have), this way you stay on top of everything.

Wooden furniture should be wiped down with wood polish and skirting boards should be done at least once a month. If there are piles of stuff around the place, clean around them. It is not up to you to sort out their piles unless it is specifically requested. I’ll straighten up a pile and make them as tidy as possible. Anything that is obviously rubbish I pick up and throw away. If I’m in any doubt about whether it’s rubbish or not, I’ll pick it up and leave it on a table or bench. Never take any of their rubbish home with you as you may accidentally throw something away that is not rubbish. This also goes for the vacuum cleaner, empty it before you leave in case something has been sucked up that is not rubbish. Move furniture, where possible, to vacuum and mop underneath them. Wipe any marks off walls and clean the skirting boards.

Once all the cleaning has been done indoors, if there is any time left over sweep outside, sweep cobwebs off the house, wash a window or two if time permits.

Try to use cleaning products that are not harmful, it is not good for your health to be using strong bleaches and detergents. There are some great products out there.

For taps and sinks a mild abrasive cream makes them sparkle and it is also good for removing marks off most things. Showers used to be a nightmare trying to remove the soap scum, but now there is a product called ‘Viva la Soap Scum’, which are mildly abrasive cloths and they are fantastic! The shower glass can now be made to look as good as new with a minimum of effort, and it doesn’t have to be done every time, about once a month.

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