The Cleaning Products Used For This Green Cleaning Method

Green cleaning refers to a method of cleaning that is kinder and gentler to the environment. When people talk of green cleaning, they are discussing a way to get the cleaning completed without harming the environment in any way. No natural resources are wasted during green cleaning. And no harm is done to the environment during the process of green cleaning. Make your own glass cleaner for your window cleaner from ingredients you probably already have in your cupboard.

In the past, one of the biggest offenders was the auto detailing industry. Few businesses wasted as much of a precious natural resource or caused as much destruction as the auto detailing industry. Everything about the process was completely against the green cleaning process. Hoses would run all day. Water spilled from the automated car washes. And there were a wide range of chemicals that were used to clean cars, but caused much trouble to the environment in the form of runoff that reached the soil and water table.

With the advancements in technology and improvements in the auto detailing industry, there are ways that the entire auto detailing process is now a method of green cleaning. There are now products available on the market that make it possible to wash, polish, and protect the vehicle without using a single drop of water. There are no hoses needed. There are no buckets to fill with soapy water. And there is also no chemical runoff to end up in the soil and water table. Click here for non chemical car cleaning products.

The cleaning products used for this green cleaning method are easier for the consumer to use. Now the cleaner is simply sprayed on and wiped off. While the wiping is taking place, all the bug splatter, dirt, tar, and road debris is being removed. The same can be said for the polishing process. The polish is sprayed on and wiped off. While the wiping is taking place, the buffing is also happening. All the slight imperfections to the paint are being buffed right out. And then there’s the protecting that happens from simply spraying the protectant onto the vehicle. A coating designed to prevent future problems with the paint is being created.