Event Planning – Tips to Select the Right Venue

I find Alishas Cafe spacious, eclectic, stunning function rooms Brunswick provides the perfect atmosphere to bring friends and family together. Event planning can be confusing, no matter what the occasion. But of course once it is done you can be sure it was worth it. If you are an event planner, to make the whole process easier, it is vital to keep a few things in perspective.

You need to prioritize. The best way to do this is by making a list of all the things that you need to get done for the event in the order of how important they are. And then each of those categories needs a guideline to follow. For example, as the first step is a venue, you need to make a list of all the things that you are looking for in the venue. And to help you further I have created a list below of the more important things that you need to consider when deciding on the venue. But remember that you need to list them according to your own priorities. This is because all venues might not fit exactly what you are looking for and you might have to make an exception in one or more of your preferences.

This list is a compilation of important aspects any Event Planner should utilize for selecting a venue:

1. Price Range – The price range that you are looking for must be decided upon at the very beginning. This will not only eliminate any extra time spent looking at venues that are over your budget but it will also help bring the other points in perspective.

2. Type of Venue – You need to decide whether you want an Indoor Venue, an Outdoor Venue or an Outdoor Accessible Venue. Each of these choices has their benefits and drawbacks and the decision would affect the following points as well.

3. Views – The choices would include Ocean view, a Cityscape view or a Nature view.

4. Proximity to your location – This is another important factor to consider as a location that is too far could prove inconvenient for everyone and at the same time it might not be possible to get a venue very close to your location. This is one of the more important things to consider in event planning as it will affect your decision for all the other points.

5. Catering – You as a professional Event Planner, must decide whether you want the venue to provide catering or if you would rather bring in outside catering. Getting estimates in the prices before making the final decision is advisable as it could vary from place to place and also depends on the type of food that you would prefer and whether you would want alcohol to be served. Some venues allow outside catering, but make you choose from their preferred vendors.

6. Time they give you the venue for: Some venues charge hundreds of dollars (and some thousands) per hour for extra time. Figure you if you are having time sensitive elements at your event, such as lighting which takes a long time to set up, and make sure the venue gives you at least 4 to 6 hours set up and 2 hours break down, + the time of your event.

7. Ceiling Height – This might seem like a trivial point to consider but it is still quite important. Depending on other things that you might have planned, such as entertainment, the height of the ceiling would play an important role.

8. Venue Amenities – This could include a bar, dance floor, valet parking, stage and kitchen facilities, and party rentals. Some venues offer tables and chairs, and even set them up for you. This can save you hundreds in rentals.

Apart from the above, the following must also be thought out carefully to get the right atmosphere that will suite the event that you want.

1. Lighting – Light can transform a venue completely to create a magical wonderland. You have many options in this area such as gobos, follow spots, projectors, screens, ambient lighting, atmospheric lighting, live video projection, front and rear projections, stage lightings and more.
2. Sound – This is another important part of the ambiance of the venue.
3. Music – You need to also make a choice on whether you would prefer a live band or a DJ for the event. This will of course depend on the event itself.
4. Décor – Apart from lighting and sound, the décor of the place is also important.
5. Rentals – Depending on the event you might need interactive games, tents, props, espresso machines, etc.
6. Performers – For any event, whether it is a child’s birthday party or a corporate event, entertainment can really put everyone in a partying mood.
7. Gifts and favors – Customized gifts or favors and also promotional products can be made to order and are a great way to help make the event more memorable.
8. Transport – You could hire a transport from a limo to a tour bus for your special VIP guests and others. But this again will depend on the type of Event Planning you do.

The above lists will help to give a general idea of how to go about prioritizing all the other factors. This list can prove useful to any Event Planner. I hope it does the same for you. If you have any queries or need any further advice please feel free to leave a comment. Also any suggestions are welcome. Good luck with all your Event Planning ventures.

Jud Yaski is the owner and founder of Inspire Productions. He is an Event Planner in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been involved in social event productions for the past 10 years.

Please visit http://www.inspiremyevent.com/ for more information.

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