Arranging Corporate Events

You won’t find two the same, because what is about is to personalize to the maximum so that corporate family days can be adjusted what the client wants. Summer is arriving and it’s that time of the year again when your boss suggests having a get together to boost the company spirit. With the expansion of the company, the guest list is almost twice as long as last year and a couple of drinks at the local bar isn’t going to cover it. You are going to have to plan an event and the success is going to reflect on you.

Working out a budget with the board members and deciding whether partners are going to be included or not is the first step. Once you have all your details, getting an event coordinator is essential. Set-up a meeting to discuss themes, venues, styles. They should have images or presentations of previous events to give you an idea and feel for what is available, what is possible and whether it’s what you want.

With their help, choosing a venue that is capable of facilitating all your needs should be easy. The event coordinator will then take over the hassle of organising, booking and communicating with suppliers. Once the theme and style has been decided on, ask your event coordinator for a mock up of different types of set-ups. They can also organize a tasting with the caterers so you get an idea of the quality and style of food.

Where you will be extremely grateful of getting an event coordinator onboard is the few days just before the event. Having someone on site at the venue to brief and direct all the suppliers is essential. So while you sit at the office doing your thing, you can relax in knowing there is someone sorting it all out.

They can direct the set-up of the technical crew, including sound, lighting and possible staging. You can figure out the speeches of the MC and work on your other projects. Marquees will be set up and teams of set-up crew will place all the tables, lining, table centres and décor as drawn up by you weeks before. During your lunch break you can pop through and watch, as where there was once nothing, a whole other world has been created, that you designed.

Eventually the night will come and all your average co-workers, who generally just mooch about the place, will be standing tall in their gorgeous outfits according to the theme. You can watch their faces light up as they take on the experience, relishing the canapé’s, sipping their welcome drinks, while the event coordinator ensures the back of house is running smoothly. Bartenders, stewards and waiters will be dressed in perfect black, little things that didn’t even occur to you will have been sorted and taken care of. You can mingle and make small chat, as stewardess fly by taking drink orders and emptying ashtrays.

Unknown to you, caterers have started with creating gourmet starters, fit for the royal family in the back, while you help move the company into the main dining area. Lights will shine and centerpieces will be displayed as everyone finds their place cards. Special care to individual dietary requirements will be taken care of, as you can start with the welcome MC speech.

Perfectly lined up waiters will then start walking in an organised fashion with starters held on one hand, delivering the plates to all the guests. Throughout the evening’s entertainment, main course, speeches, dessert, company plans for up and coming years and finally coffee, you will be oblivious to all small incidents, chaos and miniature disasters as you relax and enjoy the event. The event coordinator will take care of it all.

At the end of the evening, there might be a bit of dancing and socialising. Co-workers will praise you and thank you; their year’s work will have felt like it was all worth it, just for this one spectacular night. Employees will feel more light-hearted as they now are all on the same page with where the company is going and having finally spoken to the person in the cubicle next door.

As people leave, you can chat to the coordinator quickly about post production items such as the photo’s and possible DVD’s of the night. Monday morning will come with you not being aware of the huge clean up and break down of the event as the magical creation disappears into once it was, just a simple venue. Stories will fly around the office about all the things that happened and everyone’s outfits. Overall, everyone will agree it was the best end-year party to date and it was stunning. As you listen, you can relax and just finish up the small things, until next year at least.

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