8 Factors For Successful Vehicle Signage


Vehicle signage is one of the most powerful tools for business promotion but then you also need to have a good signwriters Sydney. It allows you to reach potential customers that you may not be able to reach otherwise, and it can give your business the attention it deserves. But there are many factors involved when considering vehicle signage that you need to consider before making a final decision on which company to use. In this article, we will discuss 8 important factors for a successful vehicle signage campaign:


A vehicle signage’s longevity is a critical factor in determining its success. Signs that last for years are often required by law, as well as for safety reasons and general aesthetics. The quality of materials used to make your sign will play a large role in determining how long it will last before needing replacement or repair.

If your vehicle signage is exposed to harsh weather conditions on a regular basis, such as rain and snow, you must choose durable materials that can withstand these elements without becoming damaged or faded over time. Similarly, if the signs will be used at night when visibility is low due to lack of light sources nearby, then choosing high-quality reflective paint (or paint with other light reflecting agents) is imperative for optimal visibility during dark hours.


There are many factors that determine the cost of vehicle signage, but a few stand out. The size, shape and number of signs you need will likely affect your budget, as well as the materials used to make them and their design. Installation method is also crucial: if you opt for in-house installation or have to hire an outside company to do so, this can add up quickly. You should also keep in mind that location will affect costs—the more remote or off-the-beaten path your business is located in, the more expensive it may be to get signage installed on all those vehicles traveling by every day.


  • Visibility. The most important factor in successful vehicle signage is to make sure that your sign is visible to the public. To do this, you need to take into account where your vehicle will be driving and what kind of weather conditions it will be subjected to on an average day. For example, if your business involves delivering goods throughout a city, then visibility during the daytime is going to be more important than nighttime visibility. However, if you operate only in rural areas at night and during rainstorms, then the opposite may be true for you.
  • Size Matters! In addition to making sure that your vehicle sign has good visibility from all directions at all times of day and night (weather permitting), size matters just as much as anything else when it comes down to whether or not people will notice your business’ name/logo/phone number on their way through town every morning or evening rush hour traffic jam—even if they don’t necessarily intend on stopping by right away!”


Design is a crucial factor in the success of your vehicle signage. A good design will make it easy for people to read the sign and understand what you are promoting. The design should also be consistent with your brand, target audience and goals.

For example, if you’re selling mobile app development services, it wouldn’t make sense to have a large image of an iPhone on your sign because most people don’t associate Apple products with mobile app development services.

The key here is having a functional design that makes sense for your industry as well as being visually appealing so that drivers see it from afar without having to strain their eyes or look harder than necessary at what’s being promoted (i.e., don’t overwhelm them).

UV Protected Laminate

UV Protected Laminate is a thin layer of protective plastic that protects your vehicle sign from the harmful effects of UV light. It’s essential for outdoor signage and can be applied to any brand or style of sign, whether it’s printed on paper or vinyl.

UV Protected Laminate helps prevent fading and damage caused by sunlight exposure; in fact, signs with this option are rated for up to 10 years outdoors!

Professional Installation

Professional installation is important for several reasons. For one thing, it reduces the risk of your signage not being installed properly or in a way that doesn’t meet regulations.

Professional installers also know how to make sure that your signage will be easy to maintain once it’s up—for example, they will use high-quality materials and fixtures so that you won’t need to worry about them falling apart after just a few months.


Your warranty should cover the sign for at least five years. If you have a longer warranty, that’s great! You might also consider offering coverage for all aspects of the sign, including installation and materials used.

If your warranty is backed by a manufacturer or other third party, mention it in promotional materials so consumers know they’re getting coverage from someone reputable.


Once you have removed the vehicle signage, it is important to dispose of it properly. Many signs are made out of plastic and can be recycled. If this is the case, check with your local recycling facility or call a sign removal company to learn how they handle their waste. If a sign cannot be recycled, make sure it goes into the trash where it will not harm wildlife or people. Finally, clean off any remaining adhesive with warm water and soap or oil-based remover (do not use alcohol).

When considering vehicle signage, be sure to know these 8 factors

When considering vehicle signage, be sure to know these 8 factors:

  • Longevity. The lifespan of your sign will depend on its material and construction. If you want a sign that will last for years, aluminum is your best bet. However, if you’re looking for something more temporary and budget-friendly, vinyl or plastic may be better options.
  • Cost. Choose a material that fits within your budget while still meeting all of your other needs—for example, an aluminum sign doesn’t have to cost as much as an acrylic one does (even though it’s likely to last longer). Also keep in mind that signage companies typically charge higher rates for custom designs than they do for pre-made ones—so if you want something unique but don’t want to spend too much money on it, choose from our pre-made collection instead!
  • Visibility from afar at night time without glare from headlights like streetlights overhead shining down directly onto the windshield area where this could cause eye strain over long periods driving through traffic jams during rush hour commute times when everyone wants their own space too…


From the above, we can see that vehicle signage is a great way to advertise your business. It’s a cost effective, long term investment in your company. Vehicle signs are versatile and can be customized for any message you want to send out. So when looking at these 8 factors for successful vehicle signage, keep them all in mind as you’re making your decision about whether or not to invest in this type of marketing tool! Our website is full of stuff for signage designs.