3 Useful Tips On Ways To Get Pregnant Faster

If you’re looking for ways to get pregnant faster, you’re not the only one. As I began to reach the age where I was trying to get pregnant, I started encountering more and more women with stories on how long it was taking them to get pregnant. I was really surprised. Over the years, I have encountered so many women, in fact, who were looking for the easiest way to get pregnant, that I got inspired to start reading as much material as I could get in order to help my friends and now pretty much any woman who wants tips on how to get pregnant. Your gut health diet affects the colony of microbes (aka bacteria) found in your gut, which has the potential to influence your sleep, weight, food allergies, your likelihood for developing certain diseases and more.

One of my favorite experts on this topic is, Lisa Olsen, Medical researcher, health consultant, nutritionist and author of the Pregnancy Miracle. (By the way, she is awesome!). Lisa advises several things to set the stage for how to get pregnant faster.

Here are 3 tips on ways to get pregnant faster:

Some you might know.Keep an open mind because she really knows her stuff.

1. Have Your Spouse’s Semen Checked

This may be a touchy topic when you’re trying to get pregnant. However, you guys are a team. And there’s plenty that your body is going to have to do if you are trying to get pregnant. He needs to understand this is just biology. In order to have the best ways to get pregnant fast, he needs to pitch in. Here are the things they’ll be looking for:

An abnormal head, a fructose deficiency, a malformed tail and lots of other things. You simply can’t stick your head in the sand on this one. You must have all the facts so you know what you’re dealing with here.

By the way, Lisa recommends that there be no ejaculation 2-5 days before the test to have the best accuracy.

2. Understand how often to have intercourse to get pregnant

Every other day during ovulation seems to be the amount of time to have intercourse to get pregnant according to most doctors in the fertility field. Some people thing that having sex every day gives you a better chance. Surprisingly no! You could actually be depleting your man’s sperm count so that on the days you’re actually ovulating, not enough of those little guys are swimming around. Most docs recommend 2 days before ovulation and on the day of ovulation is the best for getting pregnant fast. But only ONCE on each of those days.

3. Blend both eastern and western medicine to help you get pregnant faster

It just makes sense to open yourself up to both Eastern and Western medicine when you’re talking about tips on getting pregnant fast especially if the old fashioned way just isn’t making it happen. Both Eastern and Western medicine have so much to offer. But when you combine the two you have so much of a better chance. Doesn’t that just make sense?

Surely if you want a baby more than anything in the world why not explore every possibility. Just so you understand the difference, some of the things Western medicine deals with are basal body temperature to know when you’re ovulating, having your man’s sperm tested, how your genes might be affecting your fertility, etc.

Some of the simple things Eastern medicine covers are acupuncture (simply changing the energy flow in the body can be the easiest way to get pregnant in certain situations), dietary guidelines, vitamins, supplements, herbs, cleansing toxins out of your body which may be preventing you from getting pregnant fast and so many other things I might just have to write another post on that alone.

Summing it all up.

I hope these simple tips give you a small understanding that if you are looking for the easiest ways to get pregnant and you are having some trouble, there are so many options and so many solutions out there for you. Don’t give up!! You deserve that baby! Read more about getting pregnant fast.

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